Next week we will refilm the Resistance Band Workout #2 and Ball Sculpt. Our first filming was great but we had microphone trouble and the quality was not good enough to release. I revised some of the exercises on the Band Sculpt #2, and have some Pilates-inspired exercises that challenge the core and strength. The feedback from my regular gals was "ouch, burn, but good". I think most people will like it!
Bootcamp Bands will be done this summer. I love this workout! It is alot of fun and a great variety of combos!

Next on the agenda, my workshop on Weight Loss Success will be held in July. We plan on filming it to release as a DVD. I have had great feedback on this workshop series! I hope to have it, complete with workbook, available before the holidays. As usual, check the site for more info.

I was finally able to give the a new look and am continuing to add more articles to both sites. Subjects or questions to write about are always welcome!
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