Episode 1: Permanent Weight loss solutions.

Episode 1: Permanent Weight loss solutions.

This is the first podcast for me! My goal is to post new episodes twice a month. I also have some video tips and exercises that I will try to post as well. For instant updates on postings, submit your email to subscribe to the notification service (see side bar).

Show notes:
The info on this podcast was recorded at our filming that was too windy and noisy to use for the DVD product. With a little noise reduction, it is fine for a podcast.

Key topics in this show:
  • How to get the most from my DVD workouts
  • Eating for weight loss
  • Food timing and combinations for results
  • Myths: diet, weight training, maintenance
  • Upcoming projects
The next series of podcasts will cover some of the material in my upcoming Weight Loss Success Seminar. This seminar is divided into 3 workshops:
  1. Gaining Control: Mind Set for Success
  2. Nutrition: Eat to Lose
  3. Exercise: Metabolism Boost
Each workshop features an outline, then detailed sections and worksheets. The outlines as well as the seminar schedule will be available on my main website:

As always any questions, comments and suggestions are always welcome. Email me: Kira@allinoneworkout.com

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