Fit 004 Stability Ball

Stability Ball video posted earlier. This audio podcast discusses the use of the Stability Ball.

Ball Advantages :
  • Stabilizer muscles worked when using the ball
  • Can be used with traditional bodyweight or dumbell exercises
  • Abdominals and Core are worked the entire time on the ball

  • Abdominal Training with the ball:
  • do's and dont's of ball Ab training
  • Pre-stretch effect on the abs
  • Quality vs. quantity in ab training

  • Info on upcoming DVD workouts from
  • Ab Sculpt and Yoga Stretch for Stability Ball
  • Ball Sculpt 1: Nothing but the ball
  • Ball sculpt 2: Just Add Weights
  • Ball Sculpt 3: Fat Burn Ball

  • Link to Fit 004: Stability Ball Podcast
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