New Got More Bands dvd almost ready!

I revised the Got More Bands (resistance band sculpt #2), refilmed it
and am almost done with editing. This dvd is loaded with stuff! There
are actually 3 full workouts, so the dvd runs almost 2 hours! Workout
one uses the full band (40 min workout) Workout two uses the band in a
slipknot configuration (45 min workout) and the third workout uses the
knotted band (30 minutes workout). The ab section uses the band in a
mix of ways!
For info on the full, slipknot and knotted band configurations, check
out the video Resistance Bands tips on the previous post.
Once all is done on this end, it will probably take a 1-2 weeks to be
available on my website and a few weeks after that on
Ball Sculpt dvds : Ab Sculpt & Yoga Stretch (together on one dvd)
and Ball Sculpt 1: Nothing but the ball are done with filming and on
the editing block next! Boot Camp bands and Kickbox bands will be
filmed most likely in September so I can use the beautiful ocean view
like in the first Bands workout. Ipod format for video:
New Got More Bands dvd almost ready! New Got More Bands dvd almost ready! July 01, 2007 Rating: 5

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