Fit 005 Resistance Bands, Weight Loss Workshop, DVD previews

Click to download audio podcast, Fit 005 Resistance Bands which discusses Resistance Bands, the upcoming Weight Loss Workshop & new DVD releases.

Benefits of resistance bands:
  • great for rehab exercises
  • range of motion, tension throughout ROM
  • portable and light weight
  • flexibility
  • great for travel-no excuses!

    Where to get resistance bands:
  • Green is the most popular of the bands! SPRI Resistance Band (Green)
  • Red is the next (heavier) SPRI Resistance Bands (Red)
  • This combo pack has both Green and Red bands and a door attachment: SPRI Fit for Travel

  • PART 2: New DVD releases
  • 3 full workouts using 3 different band configurations
  • Cardio tone format: lower body exercise then upper body exercise then the combo of both
  • Balance & core work with sculpt!
  • Abs for each band configuration
  • cooldown stretch
  • follow-up to Got Bands? Resistance Bands for Total Body Tone

  • Ball Sculpt 1: Nothing But the Ball- Stability Fitness Ball Workout
  • on the Stability Ballball is needed, nothing else!
  • variety of workouts on one dvd
  • 3 different leg workouts: ball standing, ball seated, ball laying
  • upper body workout
  • ab exercises throughout the whole workout!
  • cooldown stretch w/ ball

  • Ab Sculpt & Yoga Stretch for Stability Fitness Ball
  • Variety of ab exercises
  • quality vs. quantity
  • yoga is a basic, doable stretch
  • can be done daily or post workout
  • uses only a Stability Ball

  • Weight Loss Workshop Podcast:
    Workshop 1: Gaining Control-Overcome common obstacles & eliminate self-sabotaging habits!
    Workshop 2: Nutrition-Discover the right foods to revitalize you & help you lose fat!
    Workshop 3: Exercise: Boost your metabolism to keep fat burning all day long!
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