Fit 006: Weight Loss Workshop #1

Download here: Weight Loss Workshop #1: Gaining Control
In this episode, learn what you can and cannot control and how that influences your stress and well-being. Take the next 30 days and commit to creating a better mindset and activate your weight loss. Be your own best friend and advocate through your self-talk. Your mind believes what you tell it!

Steps to take to eliminate self-sabotaging habits.
  1. Develop positive self-talk statements for you most common negative thoughts. Examples are: "I allow only positive, productive words to enter my mind."
    "I fuel my body with proper nutrition that increases my metabolism and promotes fat loss."
    "I always find time to exercise."
  2. Write these on a 3x5 card.
  3. Put the card on your bathroom mirror, computer or somewhere you will see it several times a day.
  4. Repeat the statements out loud at least 3x/day.
  5. For every negative statement you make, you must immediately replace it with 3 positives to negate the damaging effects.
The next podcast begins our nutrition segment! Until then, use your self-talk for a positive path to weight loss!

Upcoming topics for the Weight Loss Workshop Podcast:
Workshop 2: Nutrition-Discover the right foods to revitalize you & help you lose fat!
Workshop 3: Exercise: Boost your metabolism to keep fat burning all day long!
Workshop 1, Part 2: Gaining Control-Plan & Prioritize
Workshop 2, Part 2: Energy 7 food cravings, meal timing for fat loss
Workshop 3, Part 2: Spot reducing myths and exercise fact vs fiction

Remember, this is a condensed version of the much longer 3 part live workshop. If you are interested in attending or getting the workshop when available on dvd & audio cd, send me an e-mail:

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Fit 006: Weight Loss Workshop #1 Fit 006: Weight Loss Workshop #1 September 05, 2007 Rating: 5
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