Fit 013 Topics: Gym Etiquette, cardio machines and supplements for food cravings.

Topics in this episode are Gym Etiquette, the best use of cardio machines and the best supplements for food cravings.

Link to Fit 013: Gym etiquette, cardio, food cravings

  • Gym etiquette helps yourself and others save time when working out.
  • The more we practice proper gym etiquette, the more people will do the same, making a better atmosphere for everyone at the gym.
  • Some simple ways to make the gym a better and more productive place to exercise.
  • Cardio machines should be used as intended.
  • Standing backwards on a stairmaster burns LESS calories and does not work your butt!
  • What you can do to shorten your workout time and get results!
  • Learn the best ways to control food cravings!
  • How diet pills that can affect your heart and blood pressure.
  • The reasons why you don't have to use diet and weight loss pills for fat loss!
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