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We are trying to decide which is liked better, the "diamond person"
or the "lunging person" logo. If you go to my site, on the home
page, I am wearing the diamond person and Brigette is wearing the
lunging man. Please give your opinion in my blog poll. Thanks!
Fit Girl Gear Fit Girl Gear January 23, 2008 Rating: 5


  1. How about something for guys we where T-shirts too. Maybe someone running or lifting weights.

  2. lunging man. It's more graphical, pro.

  3. Good idea, Matt!
    I guess I thought the logos were unisex but I can design something more manly too! I'll post a preview when that is done and you can give your opinion, thanks!

  4. All your shirts in the store state women under them so that would lean me toward the woman designs.

  5. There are some t-shirts for men farther down on the cafepress site. I
    think they just say t-shirt as opposed to mens t-shirt. I will double check and see if there are "mens" specific styles too! Thanks for the input!


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