Fit 020 Shoulder Training

Shoulder training could be a whole podcast series on its own! However, in this episode you'll learn why shoulders have to stay healthy if you want to workout consistently and get the results you want.

Topics include:
  • Do you have shoulder limitations?
  • Should women do the same exercises for shoulders as men?
  • What are the set and reps schemes for weight loss?
  • Common mistakes made in shoulder exercises and program design.
  • Are you shoulders overtrained?
  • Why it is so easy to injury the shoulder area.
  • Are you falling victim to bad form?
  • Why your shoulders are important for your posture
The common reasons for shoulder limitations are muscle imbalances due to improper training, poor posture or injury. In this episode, I explain what exercises and daily activities (such as sleeping!) can put your shoulders at risk for a major injury. You'll find out how to train the shoulders if you have limitations and how to strengthen the shoulders and their supportive muscles to keep the shoulders healthy and strong.

Remember, you might have to back off on the weight you use for most shoulder exercises. A common error is using too much weight and not properly training the shoulders. I review with you how to feel the right form for each exercise for maximum results with exercises like lateral raises, reverse flyes, shrugs and presses. And I explain some of the variations that can be used to keep shoulder training from getting dull and help keep the shoulders strong, range from stability ball work to uni-lateral training.

When you're through with this one, you'll have a good understanding of what you need to do in the gym to keep your shoulders healthy and avoid any injury that could mess up more than just your workouts!

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