Fit 022 Ab Training

Ab Training: Swimsuit season is coming fast! Are you ready to feel confident on the beach? Key tips on getting more from your ab training with out doing more work!

Do you think getting slim abs is as easy as a pill or gadget you see on tv? Well, of course you don't think that! But did you know there are some simple things you can do in your workouts to maximize ab work without spending extra time int he gym?

In this episode, I reveal three simple techniques that you can use in your next workout to bring out that ab definition! Here's a preview:
  • when on a bench press the low back and abs into it!
  • when standing for exercises tighten the abs like a corset!
  • Squeeze the abs every time you exhale!
Nutrition and cardio also play a role in ab definition. Make sure you are eating for your goals. Learn the difference between:
  • eating for weight loss
  • eating to get lean
  • healthy eating
How long does it take to get the abs in beach shape? Probably 2 or 3 times longer than you really think! Sorry for the bad news! The good news is this episode will tell you the best things to do to get the abs in shape! The Valeo Body Ball (65 cm) is a great workout ball and I'll tell you how to maximize ball training for the abs!

FYI- Two previous podcasts discussed ab training and are helpful for ab info:
Fit 014: Abdominals from November 14, 2007 and Fit 004:Stability ball training from July 13, 2007. Check them out or listen to them again for a refresher!

The stability ball is by far the best for deep ab training and awesome results. Learn the best ab exercises in my dvd workout: Ab Sculpt & Yoga Stretch for Stability Fitness Ball and more in Ball Sculpt 1: Nothing But the Ball- Stability Fitness Ball Workout

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