Fit 026 Special Announcement

Special Announcement! The Fitness Makeover/Weight Loss Workshop Kit is available for purchase online! Finally, the Launch is today!!!!

Check the website for details!

The Fitness Makeover Kit contains the Weight Loss Workshops for three subjects!
And the workbooks and extra worksheets too!
  • Part 1: Control
  • Part 2: Exercise (bonus: program design)
  • Part 3: Nutrition (bonus: All of the Weight Trackers Menu Plans)
  • Free Bonus DVD: Exercise Instruction and Time saver Workouts
  • Free Bonus CD: mp3 format of the Fit Girl Guide podcasts!
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Here's more info:
Link to Fit 026 Special Announcement
Fit 026 Special Announcement Fit 026 Special Announcement May 29, 2008 Rating: 5

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