Fit 028 Abdominal Training Wheel

This is an interview with Terry Lewis, creator of the Abdominal Training Wheel apparatus! Photo 1, right, Terry and the product.
This device can be used in home or group training. Terry teaches an intense 30-minute ab class with the wheels! With this interesting piece of equipment you can work the core, upper body and quads all at once! It can be used with dumbbells and tubing for a more intense upper body & ab workout.

Photo 2 is of the lady demonstrating the ab training wheels. She began her program at 200 pounds and is now 132. With all the demonstrating she did this weekend, my guess is that she'll easily drop a few more pounds!

Check out the website at
The abdominal training wheels come with an exercise dvd and instructional pamphlet to learn the exercises.

Link to the interview Fit 028 Abdominal Training Wheels
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