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You can be fit at any age and you can exercise at every age! Exercise truly is the fountain of youth. Keeping your muscles strong, keeps them young and is especially important in our older years.

Weight training is great for both adolescents and seniors. Machines and body weight exercises work best for these groups. Their individual programs would depend on their fitness history.

There are many studies praising the benefits of weight training for both teens and seniors. We all need strength at any age! I see the difference in my senior ladies pictured at right, 3 of them are over the age of 80 and one over 70. Can you tell?
Nah, they all look young!

They tell me the quality of their activities and lives have improved with consistent exercise. They are actually strong than some of the younger ladies (20 and 30 year olds) that take my classes!

For teens, movements like squats and lunges mimic those of most sports like tennis, football, basketball. For seniors, squats and lunges are functional for daily activities like getting out of a car or going up stairs.

At any age, be sure to know your limitations. Exercise should be part of your life forever, since it improves the quality of your life! Think of exercise as a way to control the quality of your life and body now and in the future!

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