Fit 050 Plateau Busters

We all hit plateaus in our training or weight loss. Some people call this a "rut" . Either way, it can be frustrating to deal with this seemingly loss of progress.

In this episode ( and the next 2 ), I am going to give you some tools to bust through your plateaus! A three step plan of attack works best to getting past these bumps in the road. You need to think about a plan for these 3 categories:
  • focus (mind set)
  • diet (nutrition)
  • exercise (consistency)
I explain some easy techniques to analyze what may be keeping you from losing weight or getting out of your rut. These are valuable tools that take little time but make a huge difference in your workout program and progress.

  • I am working on a new cardio training coaching series! These are mp3 workouts that you can load into any media player and take me with you to coach you during your cardio session or interval training!
  • Body Blast Bands (Band Sculpt #3) is complete and I have been debating whether to release on dvd or make for digital download. This is a workout of giant sets for each body part, hence the "Blast". It also gets the heart rate pumping too!
  • Availability on both coming soon.
  • Wow! This is podcast number 50!!!! Thanks to everyone for your comments and feedback!
Check out the "makeover" of both my websites
Fitness Makeover and All In One Workouts

Link to Fit 050 Plateau Busters

All for now! Keep training hard and stay healthy!
Fit 050 Plateau Busters Fit 050 Plateau Busters September 18, 2008 Rating: 5

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