Fit 065: Body Part Training 3

  • to train or not to train?
  • rear delts-priority
  • presses full range of motion
  • exercises & sets depend on other exercises in program
  • heavy weight vs shapers
  • too much weight can compromise form, cause delts or back to do the work
  • elbows stay back
  • hand positions

  • sissy exercises vs more bang for buck
  • kickbacks vs dips
  • pressdown vs extensions
  • ways to cheat and use delts/chest
  • fat vs shape
  • jiggle factor/test
Portable snacks that are good for you! I found a great reference of snacks and translate or better define some suggested snacks from the website WebMD . The list is quite long, so check out the site!

I want to know...what motivates YOU to exercise and eat right?
Is it your health?
Your body?
A spouse? Your kids?
Post on the Fitness forum! -see special section

Link to the show: Fit 065: Body Part Training 3

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