Fit 066: Body-Mind-Nutrition

Is your view of workout results like the glass half empty or half full? Motivation comes from looking at your glass half full. That means recognizing your triumphs, inches (vs pounds) and seeing the positive habits you are creating for a lifetime instead of focusing on the scale only (ie-glass hale empty).

There's a new website to tell you about for counting calories:
I was contacted by this site to let my listeners know that it is available and free to use. Looks like a great resource to me! Check it out!

Hypermobility of the knee has been an issue for a few of our listeners. Thanks to Laura (rockcloud on the Fitness forum!) we have a wealth of information on this! Even if you don't have hypermobility issues, this situation will show you that what is causing the problem in your body, may not be the actual source of the problem! And you may not get the help you need initially, but with persistence and experience, you can find the solution!

Thanks for taking the surveys! I'll tell you some of the results on the podcast! Interestingly, home trainers and gym trainers were split pretty evenly about 50%/50% and the interest in Custom Workouts and Member site was 40/60 , respectively. So, I guess I'll have to do both!?! Stay tuned....

Link to the show: Fit 066: Body-Mind-Nutrition

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