Fit 068 Pregnancy Fitness

Pregnancy Fitness answers to common questions about exercising while pregnant. Of course, check with a doctor for your specific recommendations. At right, is a very pregnant me!

Keep up with your program! You'll need the strength after the baby is born and the muscle tone will help you get back into shape faster! Focus on consistent strength training first, then cardio exercise. Make sure to stay well hydrated and comfortable!

No exercises flat on your back after the first trimester because it decreases blood flow to the womb. Give an incline bench a try! Or even a machine!

Use this time to create good habits! Eat smaller frequent meals to help maintain blood sugar levels and keep your body fueled for baby growth! You still want combinations of proteins, carbs and veggies with some healthy fats too! You only need 300 extra calories a day while pregnant!

Getting your exercise done and eating right will keep your stress down! Finding the time to exercise after the baby comes may be a challenge, but with planning and the right mindset you can do it! At right, is me and my daughter when she was 6 months old!

Here are some book recommendations to keep your mind busy!
  1. Pregnancy Nutrition
  2. Exercising Through Your Pregnancy
  3. Maternal Fitness
  4. Essential Exercises for the Childbearing Year
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