Fit 089 How to lunge video, don't try, enjoy a holiday treat!

Gift Certificates available at the Get Fit Store! Make your holiday shopping easy! Give the gift of health or ask Santa for a new audio trainer workout! Also, in this episode, are you doing lunges properly? TRY vs DO what's the difference?

Exercises done right strengthen, done wrong can injure.   Many people lunge forward when doing a lunge, and that can bother the knees. It is important to bend both legs and to keep your weight on the front heel (working leg). Sometimes, it is better to think of bending the rear leg first, or as I tell my clients, stop drop and drive (thru the heel). This sample clip shows how to do a proper stationary lunge with the resistance bands.  It comes form the dvd Got More Bands? Resistance Bands for body sculpt #2 (available on which is 3 band workouts in one.  This clip does not include music, but the dvd has options to turn the music on or off, your choice! See the clip on youtube or at the Get Fit TV player.

TRY vs DO is there a difference? Which one are you?
In the Fitness Makeover Workshop 1: Control, this topic is covered in length. In fact, we DO talk a lot about this concept, we don't TRY to talk about it!

The "TRY" person is one who talks about “doing” things all the time, yet frequently finds ways to give up and hold themselves back from success.  This person may have good intentions, but allows emotion, doubt, uneasiness or distraction to sabotage their efforts. 

On the other hand, "DOERS" set specific goals before each workout and make plans to reach those goals.  For example, they might commit to the focus on each rep, not letting distractions affect their workout.  Then they find a way to DO it!  Doing is simple direct and clear, much like effective concentration as discussed in episode  Fit 088 .  You are doing your set not trying! The next set you can DO better, not try better.  Understanding this concept will keep your self-talk on the right path to DO more!

Enjoy the holidays! Live a little! Just make sure you do it in moderation and maintain your weight training workouts!


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Fit 089 How to lunge video, don't try, enjoy a holiday treat!