Fit 090: New Year, New Audio Workouts, New Diet Aid

Happy New Year!
Motivation: Goals & Resolution Accountability.  The new year always brings with it a hope of achieving more than the previous year!  Goals and resolutions can be quickly forgotten a few months into the year.  Do something different this year! Post your goals and/or resolutions on the Fitness Forum! Make your self accountable by putting it on "paper" so to speak! Others can help you with your goals too.  it's always easy to accomplish more with help from those who have been there!

Training: New Audio Workouts: Have a Personal Trainer in your ear! Audio workouts for cardio and for weight training are available at the Get Fit Store. I've had some awesome feedback on them and will be creating more to get you better results in less time!  With audio workouts, you get the Personal Trainer without the high price! Instruction, motivation, and a fun workout too! Check them out and see why people like them so much!

Nutrition:  Here's an easy and inexpensive diet aid to help you lose weight: hot tea.  A cup before a meal can help curb your appetite so you eat less and feel full.  A cup in the evening can keep your hands away from the munchie foods and help you relax for better sleep (just make sure it is caffeine free tea!).

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Fit 090: New Year, New Audio Workouts, New Diet Aid