Fit 092: Training, 1-Leg Bicep Curl, Diet Spices Part 2

Motivation: Don't just workout, “train” like you have a purpose! Knowing your purpose and your goals for each training cycle, will keep you motivated and on track!

Nutrition: Fat burning spices as diet aids part 2!
Ginger and all spice. Ginger has been well known as aid to reduce nausea. Remember Mom giving you Ginger-Ale when you were sick? if you have been pregnant, the doctor suggesting ginger lollipops? We know of those benefits, but did you know Ginger is also and anti-inflammatory? Ginger seems to have some qualities that help reduce the inflammation that is typically associated with arthritis and muscle pain. Great news for exercisers! Ginger goes great with sweet potatoes and other vegetables. Give it try next meal! It tastes good and can only benefit you in many ways!

Another helpful diet aid is Allspice. We are especially accustomed to using it with pumpkin pie! Although you'd think it's a  combination of spices, it's not!  Allspice is actually a berry! A little peppery and a bit clove-ish, allspice is in a league of its own! It can aid digestion and relieve certain pains like tooth aches and muscle aches. Allspice can be added to almost anything! When combined with ginger, it will help you recover from your challenging workouts!  And that helps you get leaner faster!

Training: 1-leg Bicep Curl shown below. Learn how and why to use functional training type exercises like this one.  There are some variations discussed too!

dumbbell bicep curl balance and stability, weight training
1 leg dumbbell bicep curl with underhand grip

(Click on image to view this exercise...)

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Fit 092: Training, 1-Leg Bicep Curl, Diet Spices Part 2