Fit 093 Laterals, Detox Diet & Weight loss

Training: Lateral Raises are great for shaping your shoulders. Be aware of some common mistakes! The move should be slow and controlled, you're not trying to take flight! Back off the weight and feel the difference. Keep your elbows slightly bent, but wrists straight. Different hand positions are fine: palms down or palms forward. Slow tempo is most important when it comes to Lateral Raises!

Nutrition: Detox Diet: I recently read an article about a celebrity that did a "detox diet". Upon reading the article, I found that it wasn't a detox diet but sensible, healthy eating for a month! A 10 pound weight loss in 30-days is quite alot, especially for someone who cold be considered slender to begin with! But it just shows you the impact the right foods can have on your body. A detox diet isn't a miracle worker, but eliminating junk food, and staying consistent with good eating and exercise habits, for 30 consecutive days will drastically change the way you look and feel!

Motivation: You can be a loser with out winning and a winner with out losing. Losing weight may make you feel like a winner, but it's the changes in your body that make you a true winner at losing! Realize that you won't always see your results, but others will. Know that we are all different and will lose weight and fat from different parts of our bodies. Stay motivated by knowing you are putting in an honest effort and the rewards will be yours in time!

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From the Fitness Forum (yes, I have been slack in writing there, but still reading!)
Q & A: How much weight training does it take to get in the fat burning mode? Listen to find out the answer!

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Fit 093 Laterals, Detox Diet, Weight loss
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