Fit 097: Grip, Habits, Nutrition

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Can the way you grip a dumbbell or bar make a difference? It certainly can! You can emphasize various parts of a muscle with a slight grip change. Learn the best exercises for each area of the biceps and triceps and how to incorporate variations into your own workout cycles for shapely arms!

Break your goals down into smaller pieces! Change one behavior a day or week and stick to it to form a habit! Remember, "Practice makes PERMANENT". Habits are very powerful, so use them to get you closer to your goals. Learn how to make your own custom road map to get to your goal faster!

Handy "better bad choices" to remember! Along with a tip to help you eat less at a meal, by eating more! No good options at a buffet? Use this trick to save your diet!

FYI- iTunes has added new categories and I am now using the Workout & Fitness category. Listen to the show for all the details:Fit 097: Grip, Habits, Nutrition
Fit 097: Grip, Habits, Nutrition Fit 097: Grip, Habits, Nutrition March 28, 2010 Rating: 5


  1. Grip is a HUGE contributor to a workout! I can't stand when I see people white-knuckling dumbbells and straining their wrists on a chest press. If you open your hands up slightly, you can isolate your chest better because you are pressing more through your palms, as opposed to holding a death grip on the weights! lol.


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