Fit 134: Improper Form & Top Fitness Mistakes

Improper Form is still around in most gyms and classes and usually with the same exercises! I'll tell you which exercises are done with improper form and the potential repercussions!
Proper exercise form can only be done with proper body alignment. Both are critical in preventing serious injury and increasing effectiveness. If you are not sure of the proper form for an exercise, hire a trainer to help you or ask your class instructor for tips or to "check your form" on an exercise. Always begin a new exercise with the lightest weight possible. You can always add weight to make it more challenging, but if you start too heavy you risk injury.

Lack of consistency is one of the top 10 fitness mistakes. To achieve any goal,
consistency is crucial. Whether you do a fitness class or lift weights, inconsistent workouts will not improve your body or health. To be more consistent, be realistic with your schedule. Do your best to maintain a routine that helps keep exercise a "habit" that you want to do!

Another of the top 10 fitness mistakes, Not making fitness and health a lifestyle choice. Short term food choices and diet plans are not lifestyle changes. They will not be permanent and neither will the weight loss associated with fad diets. Choose to be consistent with your healthy lifestyle choices!
"Getting in shape" is not a one-time fix to fit into a bathing suit or a New Year's resolution. Getting in shape and STAYING in shape can only be achieved with healthy habits. Consistency matters with your food too!
Make good choices because you "want to" do it, not have to do it!

Remember, proper nutrition is vital for creating a sculpted body and a healthy lifestyle. Exercise is great, but if you eat fast food or junk food daily, then you are sabotaging your efforts to get healthy and fit. Fueling your body with good foods will give you energy, improve your recovery from workouts and stress while making you feel good! Sure, you can have "fun" foods as long as you do so in moderation and have all the proper foods consistently.

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Fit 134: Improper Form & Top Fitness Mistakes
Fit 134: Improper Form & Top Fitness Mistakes Fit 134: Improper Form & Top Fitness Mistakes October 19, 2011 Rating: 5

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