Fit 152: Chest, Biceps, Can Do, Whey vs Casein

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Fit 152SP is a special video podcast of chest and biceps exercises done wrong! For Chest exercises, especially incline presses, don't arch your back or lift your head off the bench. These actions can cause serious injury to the spine, neck and low back!

When training biceps, don't swing or move your elbows or shoulders when using dumbbells or barbells. With cables be sure to keep your wrists straight and elbows back.  With any workout, always control the weight! See the video below!

Put downs part 2: Change them into  “can do” statements! Did you do your homework? Did you post on your most commonly thought put downs or negative statements?  If not, go now and do it!

Now that you can recognize and rephrase these statements, you are in a position to focus your thinking on what you CAN do, instead of what you cannot do! Your “can do” statements could also be called "affirmations".  Given the right foundation, affirmations are a way to reprogram wrong thought patterns. Of course, you can't reprogram wrong thought patterns if you dont recognize them! That's what makes part one of this concept so extrememely important.

Let's try a few examples:
Put Down Example 1: I can't get my diet together.
Can Do Example: I can eat healthy every day. I can make healthy choices each day.

Put Down Example 2: I'm too tired to workout.
Can Do Example: I can do some type of workout..when scheduled....on MWF....etc. or
No matter how I feel, I can begin my exercise (before I decide if I'm tired).

The best time to review your new statements is at night before bed (or while drifting off to sleep), when stuck in traffic or any other unpredictable time killer! First thing in the morning or while you are getting ready for your day is also a great time to review them.

Whey vs Casein, which is better? Both! Proteins provide the body critical amino acids that serve as building blocks for the formation of new muscle. Major proteins in milk are casein and whey. These are both excellent sources of all the essential amino acids. They differ in one aspect—whey is a fast-digesting protein and casein is a slow-digesting protein. Since whey rapidly increases protein synthesis and casein blocks protein breakdown, a combination of both would be ideal. Whey protein can be best used before and after a workout, while Casein is a great for a pre-bedtime drink because it promotes a sustained anti-catabolic environment while you sleep. Because whey and casein have different, but complementary effects, they can be used together or separately. Many products contain both types of proteins. No matter if you choose one, the other or both, they are excellent sources to add to your nutrition plan!

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Get the full episode on iTunes or download it here: Fit 152: Chest, Biceps, Can Do, Whey vs Casein

Fit 152: Chest, Biceps, Can Do, Whey vs Casein Fit 152: Chest, Biceps, Can Do, Whey vs Casein August 23, 2012 Rating: 5

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