Fit 156: Body Image, Guiltless Nutrition, Chest Fly

Is there really any "All You Can Eat" foods that won't kill your shape? Yes, there are! Here's a list of some treats that can fill you up with out filling you out!

Best Snacks for Staying Slim:
  • Air-popped popcorn (not microwave bags!)

Raw veggies (such as jicama, sugar snap peas, and cherry tomatoes) 

Steamed artichoke (for dipping: mix nonfat Greek yogurt and Dijon mustard
  • Cucumber slices marinated in rice vinegar and topped with chopped red onions

Healthy Snacks to Enjoy Moderately:

One hard-boiled egg dusted with sea salt and black pepper (70 calories)

  • A one-ounce chunk of Parmesan (110 calories)

  • Three slices of turkey breast wrapped in lettuce, with a little mustard (70 calories) 
Even better is to make your own snack packs!  Portion small amounts of your favorite snacks into plastic containers or bags. Homemade snack packs don't tend to trigger the same overeating as store-bought packs because the size of the food isn't smaller―only the amount.

Seated Chest Fly Machine:
It's supposed to train the chest and shoulders. 

 But it can put the shoulder in an unstable position and place excessive stress on the shoulder joint and its connective tissue. 

 A better exercise choice would be dumbbell flye, where you can adjust your range of motion, or have a trainer teach you how to adjust the machine to suit your body and avoid over stretching the joint

Many of us have body image issues.  Has a distorted body image led you to dangerous eating behaviors or compulsive exercise sessions? While a distorted body image might motivate some to hit the gym, one study found that exercise didn’t compensate for the effects of a negative self-image.

Research done on normal-weight adults found similar results: an increase in weight over time in those who perceive themselves as overweight.  A self-fulfilling prophecy!  See, we behave according to how we view ourselves. So if you think you are overweight couch potatoes, then you are more likely to make poor food choices and avoid exercise, ie- act like a couch potato.

You have the power to change the way you think! Are you ready to think yourself thin? Here's a four step to get on the right path!
  1. See (it) your vision: Create a vision board in which you display pictures showing what you Seeing a bunch of strong, healthy women on your wall will give you a real goal to work toward.
  2. Write it down: Write out your weight loss goal and how you are going to make it happen. A goal without a plan is never a reality. 
  3. Dish it-use a smaller plate to eat less! 
  4. Make like minded fit friends! 

For step four, consider this: do your friends live a healthy lifestyle or are they junk food junkies that don't exercise? Recent studies showed that having a pound-packing buddy makes you 57 percent more likely to join them in over eating! Don't worry, you don’t have to break up with your less-fit friends. Just make a point of sticking to your program, then relaxing with your "coach potato" friends.

For  more ways to "ReTrain Your Brain",  be sure to check out new section under “Popular” at Here you'll find programs to keep you motivated, help you obtain a healthy body image and challenge you to be your best! The most popular programs are:
Now, here's what I want you to do!
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