Fit 164: Multi-Joint Exercises, Visualization, Facebook

Difficult exercises are usually the multi-joint exercises and are best for calories burning and metabolism boosting! Most exercises fall into either the single-joint or multi-joint categories. Single-joint exercises are generally isolation exercises and require less from the entire body. 1-arm exercises and biceps curls are examples. Multi-joint exercises use several joints and muscles at the same time. Squats, Barbell Row, Bench Press and Lunges are all examples of multi-joint exercises.  Any exercise that requires your full body to do or a heavy weight, will usually by multi-joint.

Although they may be more difficult, the multi-joint exercises will enable you workout less and get better results! Be sure to focus on these exercises next time you workout!

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I have been working on expanding the Gain Control part of the Fitness Makeover Workshop.  This is the section that focuses on motivation and self-support of your goals.  I will  be completing soon an e-course called "Banish Your Inner Bully", be sure to sign up for the newsletter updates to be notified when this course is ready! It is designed to help you create new habits to support your fitness goals.  I have found that too many people have negative self-images and constantly utter put downs to themselves.  This is not supportive and we need to fix that mindset! This course does that!

Part of creating a new habit is visualization.  As you drift off to sleep, or during your daily focus session, visualize yourself performing the new habit or behaving in a certain way in a situation. Visualize yourself and “act as if” you already have the new habit. The more you do this, the faster your subconscious mind believes it to be true and allows the habit to become automatic.

I had many great responses on the facebook fitgirlusa page about food logs.  Many are using apps to help them keep track of their food intake.  Visit the facebook page and give your input on this and several other questions I have there for you! For example, what is your favorite leg exercise? Do you use a medicine ball in your workouts? Do you have resistance bands?

You'll also find links to helpful info and other tidbits of fitness advice! See you there!

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Fit 164: Multi-Joint Exercises, Visualization, Facebook Fit 164: Multi-Joint Exercises, Visualization, Facebook February 20, 2013 Rating: 5

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