Fit 168: Shoulder Training Part 2, Fiber, Mindset Makeover

In this episode:
Shoulder training part 2: sample workouts, Triple Threat Training online course update, high fiber fruits and veggies!

Did you download the file I posted of high fiber fruits and veggies? You can find it Highlighted on the facebook page or twitter.   On the surface, that may not sound too enticing, but when you take a look at the benefits of fiber and the list of fruits and vegetables, you may realize that you are getting many of these foods in on a daily basis. That's a healthy yeah! Keep in mind, that some of them are high in sugar, however, the fact that they are high in fiber helps to reduce some of the negative impact the sugar may have on your body. As with most things, moderation and variety are always your best bets!

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To give you an idea of some of the topics in the upcoming course (and in the new book), I'm going to review the chapters and what they are all about.

The full title of the book is "Mindset Makeover: How to Stay Motivated, Achieve More & Live the Life of Your Dreams!" 
Chapter 1 Change-Reasons for change and taking those first steps.
Chapter 2 Control-recognizing what you can and cannot change, then understanding why this is important to everything you do!
Chapter 3 The Power of Self-Talk- Probably the most important concept every when it comes to getting in shape!
Chapter 4 Sabotage Words-We've discussed this on the podcast and there are even more words to know!
Chapter 5 Harness the Power- The plan to begin the change!
Chapter 6 Activate the Power-Take Action!

My favorite parts of the book (and upcoming course) are the Coaching sections. There are four of them:
  1. Coaching Exercises for the Mindset Makeover
  2. Bonus Coaching #1: Build Self-Esteem & Self Confidence 
  3. Bonus Coaching #2: Learn to Love Your Body 
  4. Bonus Coaching #3: Steps to a new Habit Resources.
Several of these coaching topics I am also using in an anti-bullying and victim support project I am working on.

Shoulder Training part 2: sample workouts! Important: Always start with your non-dominant arm!
Workout Routine #1: This is  a Heavy-Light-Heavy Rotation that you can do for 2-4 sets.
This first exercise combination focuses on the rear delt by using the Bent over lateral raise (aka reverse flye).
You can do both or 1-Arm at a time. The weights here are for example only.
Pick a weight you can do for 8 reps. Lift to failure, rest 10 seconds, @8 lbs
Pick a weight that is about 25 percent lighter, and go for another 8 reps @5lbs
Pick a weight that is about another 25 percent lighter, do 8 reps. Rest 10 seconds. @3lbs.
Pick a weight that is 20 to 25 percent HEAVIER than the original weight, (@10lbs)and do 6 partial reps, stopping for a 2-second pause at the top of the concentric ranges.
Yup! That is one set! Now go repeat 2-4 times!

The second exercise combination focuses on heavy weight.  This is a heavy-heavier series!
One Arm (or both) Lateral Raise: 8 lbs x 8 reps regular tempo ; Rest 10 seconds
One Arm Bent-Over Lateral Raise: 10 lbs x 4 reps @ 2-second pause at the top (concentric); Rest 45 seconds
Repeat steps 1 to 3 with the other arm  (or both).
Adjust weight if needed.

Each bodypart should be trained approximately every 5 days. So..... here's Routine #2!
This is one big Tri-Sets for the entire workout! You do different exercises, just no rest between! For this one you can do 3-5 sets. (beginners 2-3, advanced 4-5)

Exercise 1: Seated Dumbbell Lateral Raises: 8 reps regular tempo, Rest 10 seconds
Exercise 2: Rope Low(or mid) Pulley Upright Rows (if you can't do this, then substitute reverse flye): 10 reps regular tempo, Rest 10 seconds
Exercise 3: Seated Dumbbell Presses  8 reps with a 4 second tempo up and down! Rest 1- 3 minutes, then repeat for 2-4 more rounds!

Now here's what I want you to do: Use one of the above workouts, then check in with me at the Facebook FitgirlUSA page and tell me which exercises or routines you did and what weights you used.  I'll be waiting to hear from you!

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