Fit 169: Calve Training, Plan, Menus

In this episode: Workout smarter, not harder! How to shape sexy calves while reducing your training time! Download a free 5 day meal plan! Speaking of planning, is your focus session effective? How to get more done with proper focus! Updates on the Triple Threat Training program and my upcoming book "Mindset Motivation."

Calve Training: Calves tend to be a neglected body part. Here's a way to get more done on your calves in less time! You know how to focus on the concentric (top) portion of a calve raise. There is also the bottom stretch portion of the calve raise.  In this position, you can work the soleus muscle by stretching down and returning to level (ie-parallel to the platform). This creates a thicker, shapely lower leg!

Now there is one more way to burn those calves! Use the Tibialis Anterior! Say What? This is the front of the lower leg, we tend to call it the shin.  You can contract that muscle isometrically when you reach the bottom position (the eccentric lowering phase). This increases the pre-stretch on the gastrocnemius and soleus muscles. You will automatically activate more motor units in the lifting phase that follows that! More muscle fibers worked, means better results in less time!

Next time you are in the gym, try this workout. Either do one set of each variation at 10-20 reps or combine each variation ( at 10-20 reps each) to make one set! Ouch!!!

Killer Calve Routine:
Regular Calve Raises (concentric focus)
Lower Half Raises
Regular Calve Raises (with Tibialis Anterior isometric)

Ever wonder what an 1800 calorie per day, 5-day meal plan looks like? Here's one to download: Menu Plan  Notice that the meal plan includes balanced meals that have protein, carbs and fibrous carbs. This is a very livable meal plan. A variety of foods to eliminate boredom! You can always add as much fibrous veggies as you like to any meal! Load up on the spinach, broccoli, and other dark greens!   If you like this type of meal plan, then check out the 21-day Metabolism Makeover Menu Plan and the Weight Trackers Menu Plan at the ProShop!

Planning is your road map for guaranteed success! How often do you sit and plan for the day or week? You need this daily focus time to prioritize your goal tasks! If you don't plan to complete one step toward your goal every day, you won't get there!  Time and self-respect are strongly related. "Until you value yourself, you will not value your time…"is a powerful phrase! Your time is precious and should be spent on what matters most to you!  Having a solid plan, also means that you can review it and make changes if you are not on the right track, or if your steps aren't as realistic as you originally thought.

After a review of the first draft of my upcoming book "Mindset Makeover," I decided to add the goal setting and planning sections that are in the Fitness Makeover Workshops, along with more Coaching sections.  This book will become part of the The Triple Threat Training Program.  I have had much positive feedback on the book so far! Yeah!

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Fit 169: Calve Training, Plan, Menus Fit 169: Calve Training, Plan, Menus April 03, 2013 Rating: 5

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