Fit 186: Weight Training Challenge, Overcome Burnout, The Zone Diet

In this episode: Are you up for a weight training challenge? Overcome Burnout: How to Move On And Rise Up, The Zone Diet.

Challenge: For the next 2 weeks prioritize you weight training!
  1. Do weight training first before cardio (if, you do any cardio at all!) 
  2. Do 2 light warmup sets then 3-4 heavier ones (ie 8 reps, 10 max) 
  3. Stretch btwn sets
  4. Rest only 45 seconds btwn sets
  5. Do compound movements only, no isolation exercises. 
  6. Don't use machines! With the exception of the leg curl (and pulley for row)
  7. Record your weights and workouts
  8. Not sure what workout to do? Download and use this one: Gym Full Body Workout

Have you ever been through “Burnout” ...... Burnout is characterized by deep-seated sense of disillusionment, disappointment and exhaustion with a job, career, goal or activity that used to provide you much happiness, excitement and motivation. It happens even to highly committed and passionate individuals who encounter problems or get involved in situations where their enthusiasm and passion are gradually being stripped away and eventually they lose the drive to continue.

I've been there, have you? If you have, how did you handle it?

First let's separate burnout, stress and anxiety. Stress is anything that causes you physical and mental tension which may lead to anxiety and other illnesses. Stress can be from a situation or a thought that weighs heavily on you or makes you feel frustrated and angry. On the other hand, anxiety is a feeling of uneasiness and apprehension over something that is recognized or unknown. Stress and anxiety are normal parts of everyday life. Both can motivate a person to be productive and to rise up to the challenge of tough situations. However, too much stress and too much anxiety can be harmful and may cause physical, emotional, and psychological problems like infection, heart diseases, and depression. Stress and anxiety can lead to burnout.

Dealing With Burnout:
We all have varied ways of dealing with stressful situations such as burnout. Taking a much needed vacation may address the problem of exhaustion and boredom, but may not be effective in totally eliminating the sense of disillusionment, stress and anxiety.

Some people deal with Burnout by not dealing with it at all. To accept it and not do anything about it is one of the worst way to deal with burnout. Such indifference will soon result to anger and bitterness. You will just be “going through the motions”. Although that can be good if you aren't in the mood to work out, but if you have experienced burn out then the motions will become a norm for you and eventually you will quit.

Another option is to change your focus. When the passion and drive that used to inspire has been snuffed out, make a shift. Change your workout or change your focus. For example, take a few weeks of yoga and nothing else. Or work with a trainer to learn new exercises, and take a little of your thinking out of the equation. Change your focus! Instead of focusing on weight loss, focus on strength gains, or walking a mile in a faster time. Something that you can compete with yourself, to do a new personal best and does not have to do with your body weight.

Consider burnout as a wake up call or trigger to re-evaluate your lifestyle, fitness goals and what you really want to achieve. This is a form of stress management and is one of the most positive ways to cope up with burnout. Dealing with the sense of failure, or feeling like giving up on your goals, by talking with somebody who may have experienced the same situation. This person can help you understand why your efforts haven't gotten you to the results you want and what to change to get you on the right path to success. An unbiased opinion always helps you see the truth! It is especially important, to be able to move forward with a new direction and positive changes without dwelling on your mistakes.

Moving Forward with help: 
When you come to terms with your burnout and what was causing it, you will realize that getting in shape is not just about how you look. Health and fitness is about how you feel! To reach your goals you need the advice support of other people. Who ever helps you, whether a best friend, trainer or coach, will learn to spot and communicate to you your limiting habits and problems early on, to avoid repeating the same mistakes.

Check out for coaching programs that can help you prevent or overcome burnout!

Nutrition:The Basics of the Zone Diet. 
The Zone Diet, which was created by Barry Sears, PhD recommends 40% carbohydrate, 30% protein, and 30% fat and is also known as the 40-30-30 plan. The Zone suggests that you need the right ratio of carbohydrates to proteins and fats in order to control the insulin in the bloodstream. Too much of the hormone (insulin) can increase fat storage and inflammation in the body (conditions that are associated with obesity, type 2 diabetes and heart disease). Sears asserts that by using the Zone Diet, you are actually optimizing the body's metabolic function. Through the regulation of blood sugar, you allow your body to burn excess body fat.

You do not eliminate any foods and are not prohibited from any particular food group.  It is best to avoid food with high fat and carbohydrates such as grains, starches, and pastas. The ideal sources of carbs are fruits and vegetables and for monounsaturated fats olive oil, almonds, and avocados are recommended.

The Zone claims to use food as a drug for overall good health, weight loss and prevention or management of heart disease and diabetes.  A Zone Diet will suit most people as it keeps a balance between fats, proteins, carbohydrates and all other healthy ingredients. This balancing gives a healthy development of hormonal activities along with a loss in weight.

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Fit 186: Weight Training Challenge, Overcome Burnout, The Zone Diet

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Fit 186: Weight Training Challenge, Overcome Burnout, The Zone Diet Fit 186: Weight Training Challenge, Overcome Burnout, The Zone Diet October 09, 2013 Rating: 5
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