Fit 192: The Value of Dips and Chins, Green Tea is your holiday helper, is your belief system a friend or foe?

In this episode: The Value of Dips and Chins, Green Tea is your holiday helper, and do you know if your belief system friend or foe?

Dips and Chins
Dips and Chins are often missing in modern-day training programs. I am speaking of the bodyweight exercises, not the machine versions. A V-shaped dip apparatus is great for developing the chest and shoulders along with the triceps. Pullup bars can be found in most gyms, although they aren't used as often for pullups as they are for ab hanging leg raises! Since we are all so short on time, we need to remember the exercises that hit multiple body parts simultaneously and impact the metabolism, such as chins/pullups and dips.

Here's a few great things about these exercises:
  • can be done at home or gym
  • can be done at a park 
  • are effective even with no additional weight
  • work the abdominals very effectively
  • boost metabolism 
  • burn major calories 
  • work multiple body parts simultaneously 
  • have many variations 
Also hear about Grip positioning, depth of dip, weight added options.

Dips for Chest training: Using a reverse grip, the trainee would round the upper back, chin to chest, elbows pointed straight out, feet together, toes pointed down and under the face.

Chins: Full range of motion, Sternum chins, Grip positioning, depth of dip, weight added
Pullups: Full range of motion, Grip variations: Prone grip: wide (outside shoulder width), narrow, medium (about shoulder width) Reverse grip: wide (outside shoulder width), narrow, medium(about shoulder width) Add weight: dumbbell btwn legs, dip belt Weight progressions, supersets, negative.

Drink Green Tea To Minimize The Negative Effects of Alcohol!
Although it would be best to know the exact dose for the best effects, supplementing and drinking green can help minimize the negative effects of alcohol on the body. Green tea is filled with antioxidants and it is well known to combat oxidative stress all over the body.

Research shows that the antioxidants in green tea will protect the liver from damage by alcohol. One study found that green tea eliminated liver damage from alcohol intake, and it may help you minimize feelings of a hangover because of better liver function.

Drink green tea before having a holiday meal or going to a party and you will not only protect yourself from oxidative stress from alcohol, but you’ll also improve insulin sensitivity. Green tea elevates glucose uptake and support fat burning—although only minimally—making it a must have before any holiday party. Along with drinking green tea beforehand, supplement with green tea capsules after imbibing and indulging for best results.

Your belief system determines your emotion or thought response to situations that occur in your life. This ‘belief system’ is based on how you view the world through your personal window, and your personal set of beliefs about yourself and life in general. Your belief system determines how you interpret situations that happen in your life. what you believe to be true... or what you (think you) know to be true, determines how you interpret, internalize and react to events.

Your brain processes the information that your senses take in, and attempts to make it match the expectations you have built in your personal window. This means, you tend to acknowledge whatever confirms what you already believe. When you say that “you see what you believe” and you ‘believe what you see’, it is because these notions support your belief systems, that determined/interpreted what you saw in the first place. What you see reinforces your existing belief system, which causes you to keep seeing things in the way you believe things to be... which in turn again makes you see things in that way. It’s a self-reinforcing cycle! This can be good and bad.

Example in weight loss is belief that you can't lose weight or that it is easy for others. Good: the belief that there is a right combination of things you can do to get in shape, or belief and faith in your trainer and the program they have you doing. The main problem is that many people have a limiting belief system. This keeps from making the changes necessary to achieve goals, and blinds them from noticing/acknowledging the good things and ‘successes’ they have achieved. This can perpetuate a downward spiral in which it appears things keep getting worse. Exploring your belief system can really open your eyes and set you free from frustrations! Understanding your ‘limiting beliefs’ can help you pinpoint the symptoms and steps of larger problems. The gaining control workshop covers belief systems in great detail. If you need help uncovering your belief system, contact me for private coaching at

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Fit 192: The Value of Dips and Chins, Green Tea is your holiday helper, is your belief system a friend or foe?.


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