Fit 193: 5:2 Diet, Lower Body Workout, Motivation

In this episode: My thoughts on the The 5:2 Fast Diet book, Lower body blast workout for home or gym, reach your full potential with a mindset makeover.

Here is a workout that can be done at home or gym. This is a lower body basics workout, you can find it at ClubFit and watch the videos to learn the proper form for each exercise:
  • Dumbbell Squat 
  • Split Squat( ie stationary lunge) 
  • Walking Side Lunge 
  • Ball Crunch with Rotations 
  • Bridge and Leg Curl with Ball 

More workouts at Clubfit!

A great gift idea for the holiday is the book: “Mindset Makeover: Stay Motivated, Get the Body You Want and Live the Life of Your Dreams!”  Available at thebookpatch.combookstore. This book is your guide to banishing your inner bully.

“Mindset Makeover”  helps unlock your incredible and unique potential! You learn how to do your best and believe in who you are and what you are doing. Focus on how to stand up for what you know is right, making changes, and push onward! When obstacles arise or you get off path, these tools and “Coaching Sessions” guide you to become the stronger, more confident person you know you can be!

It's not just for weight loss! This book is great for achieving what is important to you in business, personal life, school, relationships, everything you do!

The principles here help you: 
  • Build self-confidence and self-esteem 
  • Manage your time 
  • Overcome anxiety 
  • Take control of your present and your future 
  • Free yourself of persistent fears and worries 
I'll you an overview using the table of contents as a guide.
“Mindset Makeover: Stay Motivated, Get the Body You Want and Live the Life of Your Dreams!” 
  • Chapter 1: Change 
  • Chapter 2: Control 
  • Chapter 3: The Power of Self-Talk 
  • Chapter 4: Sabotage Words 
  • Chapter 5: Harness the Power 
  • Chapter 6: Beliefs 
  • Chapter 7: Activate the Power 
  • Chapter 8: Goals 
  • Chapter 9: Priorities 
  • Chapter 10: Plan 
  • Chapter 11: Success 
  • Bonus Coaching #1: Build Self-Esteem & Self-Confidence 
  • Bonus Coaching #2: Learn to Love Your Body 
  • Bonus Coaching #3: Steps to a new Habit 
  • Bonus Coaching #4: Worksheets & Guides 
  • Bonus Coaching #5: Mantra Builder 
  • Bonus Coaching #6: Client Example 
  • Bonus Coaching #7: Overcome Excuses Resources About this Program 

I was asked my thoughts on The 5:2 Fast Diet. Actually, I had never heard of it! A quick search led me to the website and an understanding of what the 5:2 is about. Basically, the plan is to eat normally then “fast” for two days. On those two days, you drop your calories to dangerously low levels of 500-600. They claim that with this plan you should lose about a pound a week, but that success depends on “not over-eating on the normal days.” The fact is, you can lose a pound a week without “intermittent fasting” when you are eating the right way! So why risk your lean muscle and metabolism? We know that severe caloric restriction can slow down your metabolism! Don't do it!

The site also claims that with the 5:2 plan, you “enjoy a wide range of health benefits” and proceeds to list many of the benefits that can be attributed to healthy eating and an active lifestyle.

Could you lose weight on this plan, sure. Remember, severe caloric restriction can do more harm than good. This is not a permanent solution. In my opinion, if you eat well all the time, your weight will melt off, especially with the right exercise program.

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Fit 193: 5:2 Diet, Lower Body Workout, Motivation


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Fit 193: 5:2 Diet, Lower Body Workout, Motivation Fit 193: 5:2 Diet, Lower Body Workout, Motivation December 11, 2013 Rating: 5
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