Fit 198: Gym Etiquette Revisited, Eggs, Follow-ups

I first reviewed proper gym etiquette in an early podcast, episode #13. It's available in archives here at Let's do a quick review of the gym etiquette discussed in that episode then add a few items for 2014!  If you know someone who is new to the gym world, this would be a great episode to forward to them!

Proper Gym Etiquette Review

  • When you take a dumbbell (or a barbell) off the rack, take a couple of steps back!  Other people want to use the dumbbells too!
  • Work on the machines as they are intended to be used!  Turning backwards on a treadmill or stepper is NOT going to work your butt more! It will cause you to hold on to the hand rails and decrease the quality of the cardio! To work your butt more, face the proper way and focus on pressing your weight through the heels. Keep your stomach tight, and a tall posture! Those tips guarantee you will get  more form that session!
  • Strip your bars and put your plates away! Clean up after yourself! No one wants to put someone's mess away, especially at the gym. Plus, a 25-pound plate may be light to you, but not the next person. Be considerate.
  • Don't read a magazine or talk on the cell phone while you are in between sets. The equipment is not meant for people to sit on and talk on the phone, it’s a gym not a lounge!  
  • Updates for 2014: 

  • Benches are not your personal storage rack. Benches are for workouts, not your personal items! Put your stuff in a locker, on the floor (not highly recommended, but done) or in a corner. Really, do you need to have the phone with you? If you do, then spend $5-10 and get an arm band to hold it. If you've ever had a weight drop on your workout log (or phone), you'll invest in that $5 lock to keep it safe! 
  • I shouldn't have to say this, but don't spit in a gym! For crying out loud! You are not outdoors!! Would you do it in your mom's house? No? It's disgusting!  I hate to say that I have actually seen this happen! Yup right there on the floor!  Ick!
  • Your towel is to wipe off YOUR sweaty seat! So please, do that before moving on to the next machine. 
  • If you're sick don't workout. No one else wants you to sneeze, then use the curl bar! 
  • If you are going to talk to someone for more than a minute, give up the machine you are on! 
  • Let others “work in.” This means "share."  It may be a new term to some, but it basically means you do a set while I rest and then while you rest, I do the set. No, we aren't working out together, it's a polite system to “Share” a machine. 
  • Speaking of sharing, here's what I want you to do: share this podcast with a friend or two. They may know someone who commits these gym etiquette fouls and can forward it to them! Unfortunately, too many common courtesies have gone out the window!  
  • Bottom line is: Be polite and considerate of your gym mates. You may need them to lift a barbell off your chest one day!

Nutrition: All About Eggs!

Eggs have gotten a bad rap lately! Sure, there are pros and cons to eggs.  Let's find out if they are right for you!

Eggs have a strong amino acid lineup that can aid the development of muscle and strength. These amino acids are used by the body to repair muscle tissue. This helps you recover faster! The more lean muscle you have, the faster your metabolism becomes!

Eggs are brain food! They are rich in nutrients that can make you smarter, improve your motivation and focus!  The compound Choline in eggs is essential for optimal liver function. Choline helps the liver to detoxify and process fat!

Eggs are beneficial for strong bones. Lean muscle mass is a primary supporter of bone health. The lean muscle that eggs promote, gives you improved bone health!

Eggs are full of vitamins too! They contain two important vitamins that are greatly involved in bone and body building: vitamin D and vitamin K.  Along with aiding in bone formation, vitamin K is used for blood coagulation, and you surely know that vitamin D is involved in everything from cancer prevention to preventing body fat gain.

Eggs are an affordable super food!  Rich in the antioxidants, Eggs can be a delicious part of a fat loss plan.  They are satiating and keep hunger away.

Egg Misunderstandings 

False: Some studies show ill health effects from eating eggs.  Health issues such as higher risk of heart disease, diabetes, and cancer was once blamed on eggs.  Eggs are not the deciding factor in elevated triglycerides, high cholesterol, plaque buildup, or heart disease. High-carb, high-fat foods a sedentary lifestyle and genetics all play a role!

You don't have to eat eggs everyday, but you shouldn't shy away from them either!

Motivation: Follow-up

I have replied to many of the people who have taken my surveys.  And you're about to hear form me again! I know you love questions! The surveys help me choose topics for the podcast, too! I was reviewing the first survey I did in 2009, and wondered how everyone who did that survey were doing with their fitness goals. Even if you didn't take that survey, I want you to consider the following:

Think back to 2009 and what your body was like.
  • Were you happy with it? 
  • Were you working on it? 
  • Were you losing weight or not? 
  • Did you exercise then? 
  • Was it mostly cardio? 
  • Did you do any weight training? 
  • And finally, did you get results? 
Email me your answers!

Sure, that was 5 years ago! In that time, you should have changed your body and be in maintenance mode, the easy part of staying in shape!

Well, are you happy with your body? Did you achieve your goals or are you still struggling to lose the same 10 pounds?  Are you self conscious of your body?  Are you actually farther away from your original weight loss goal?

Email me your answers to those questions, too!

Much can happen in 5 years!  But for most weight loss goals, it only takes about 3-6 months on the right program to get the tight and toned body you want. And no, you don't have to suffer or starve or exercise for hours. 4X a week workouts and sensible eating, its all it takes.

(PS Yes, there were surveys from 2010-2014, and I will get to your emails too!)

If you want to take the new survey and have my help, go to the home page and enter your name and email so I can send you the survey and follow-up with you.

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Fit 198: Gym Etiquette Revisited, Eggs, Follow-ups!


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Fit 198: Gym Etiquette Revisited, Eggs, Follow-ups Fit 198: Gym Etiquette Revisited, Eggs, Follow-ups March 01, 2014 Rating: 5
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