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Fit 191: High Volume Training, Holiday Weight Loss, Overcome Negative Patterns

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In this episode: High Volume training, tips to prevent holiday weight gain, and how to change your self sabotaging patterns!

High-volume training can be used to boost the metabolism,  increase muscle tissue and drop body fat.  The  “8x8 system” is similar to the German Volume Training in that it involves focusing on a low number of exercises, with a high number of sets and reps, so that an entire workout could be finished in an hour or less – in fact, most workouts can be done in less than 30 minutes!

A typical split for this workout might look like this: 
Monday and Thursday: Chest, Back, Shoulders
Tuesday and Friday: Biceps, Triceps
Wednesday and Saturday: Legs, Calves

If you are really pressed for time, like during the holidays, combine more body parts in one workout. For example, Monday, Wednesday, Friday workout split could alternate between
Workout #1: Back, chest and shoulders
Workout #2: Legs, Calves, Biceps and Triceps

Your workout week would look like this:
Monday: Workout #1: Back, chest and shoulders
Wednesday: Workout #2: Legs, Calves, Biceps and Triceps
Friday: Workout #1: Back, chest and shoulders
Monday: Workout #2: Legs, Calves, Biceps and Triceps

A sample workout for this split and 8x8 volume training could be:
Workout #1: Back, chest and shoulders
Superset: Pull-ups and Incline chest press 2-3 warmups then 8x8
Superset: Cable Row and Flat Chest Flye 2-3 sets only 10 reps each
Superset: Reverse Delt Flye and Shoulder Press 4 sets of 10 reps

Workout #2: Legs, Calves, Biceps and Triceps 
Superset: Squats and Leg Curl 2-3 warmups then 8x8
Superset: Biceps Curls and Lying Triceps extensions 4 sets of 8-10 reps
Superset: Calve Raises and Ab Ball Crunches 2-3 sets of 10-15 reps

These types of workouts boost your metabolism, burn more calories than cardio and take less time!
Give it a try this holiday season! Skip the cardio and do some high volume training! You might be pleasantly surprised at the results!!

Prevent holiday weight gain! You make choices every time you put something in your mouth. Rather than giving up on losing weight, and splurging thru the holidays, make it your goal to maintain or set goals for—gains in strength, muscle, and a leaner physique.

Here are some tips to help enjoy your holiday with less stress and without weight gain.   The good news about Thanksgiving meals is that they usually center around protein. Turkey, ham and other meats provide excellent sources of appetite reducing, muscle building protein. Of course, there are large amounts of high-carb foods that can cause major problems for insulin health and body composition, ie make your body want to store fat instead of letting it go.  Focus on insulin management, and the good news is that you can completely control your insulin response by choosing the right foods.  High-carb foods cause your insulin levels to spike quickly, which, in turn, signals your body to move glucose out of the blood stream. This leads to a drop in blood sugar and you begin to crave more carbs to re-elevate the blood sugar. It can be a viscous cycle. Full of empty calories and cravings!  End the diet cycle! Read about it here!

Here's how you prevent this cycle from ruining your holiday! Fill up on protein-rich foods, along with fresh greens/veggies and eliminate or minimize high-carb choices as much as possible. Make it a goal to eat only when you have protein on the plate! One of the biggest mistakes that people still make is “saving” calories for the Thanksgiving meal or a big holiday party. Not a good idea!

If you skip breakfast, you’ll likely be hungry by the event time and overeat. Even worse, your body begins the cycle of starvation mode and holds onto fat! See full explanation at Manage your metabolism by eating small amounts of protein with low-glycemic foods such as apples or almonds to fill you up, get your metabolism revved and give you the right start to the day!

This is not just the usual Trainer nag,  research actually supports this strategy!   Evidence shows that eating protein for breakfast reduces the brain signals controlling food motivation and reward-driven eating behavior. A protein-rich breakfast will minimize cravings for high-carb foods during the holiday event, and you won’t feel starved and need to eat everything in sight. Nor will you feel motivated to eat more than is necessary as a “reward” for having skipped breakfast.

 End the diet cycle! Read about it here!

How can you break free of  long-standing negative patterns? It can take a huge amount of energy and determination, to even recognize these patterns, let alone break free from them.

And that is exactly what I’m trying to help you with through my podcasts and websites! I want you to be able to see the patterns in your own life... whether it be eating habits, workout habits (like too much cardio and not enough weight training) or thoughts. These podcasts and my websites are dedicated to providing you with the tools you need to break free from self-sabotaging behavior patterns.

Recognizing your patterns is not easy! Changing them is even more challenging! As a trainer, I work with my clients one on one to empower them with the right thought patterns, that enable them to make the right decisions about what to eat and when to exercise. At, you'll find more information about the handful of spots available for my private, 1:1 coaching.

Your subconscious patterns, the ones you need to break free from, are deeply embedded in you! So much, that your habits are outside of your normal awareness and can be difficult or even impossible for you to see! A well trained coach can pin point your patterns right away and get you out of the rut you are in! I can help you determine what threatens your success, what sabotages your efforts and what motivates you!  With private coaching or help from a friends, you can learn to identify and stop certain stages of emotional distress.

If  you feel frustrated... overwhelmed... or just exhausted.., you have probably developed some sabotaging behaviors that you can't recognize. Finding a trustworthy, objective person to help you uncover your patterns, is the first step in changing your habits!

I’m preparing more videos and study guides for you, with follow-up techniques and insights that’ll enable you to dig much deeper into this process and yourself! So stay tuned, and check the websites!

Create new habits and new thoughts. Get "Mindset Makeover," available at The Book 

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Fit 191: High Volume Training, Holiday Weight Loss, Overcome Negative Patterns.


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Fit 191: High Volume Training, Holiday Weight Loss, Overcome Negative Patterns Fit 191: High Volume Training, Holiday Weight Loss, Overcome Negative Patterns November 21, 2013 Rating: 5

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