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Fit 194: Free Workout Video, Pre-Workout Supplements, Overcome Obstacles

In this episode, get a free workout video download, the best pre-workout supplements, and three (3) Principles For Overcoming Fitness Obstacles

Pre-workout supplements can help motivate you, increase fat burning and improve muscle building. Who wouldn't benefit from a little extra push at the gym or to get to the gym! Many of these supplements are designed to improve brain nutrition and focus. That helps you get a better,more intense workout!

The optimum would be to use these type of pre workout supplements If you work out in the morning or before noon. If you workout in the evenings, you can still use these supplements, depending on your sensitivity to caffeine. Even on non-workout days, you can benefit from taking these supplements in the morning for improved brain function!

Caffeine and Workouts: Motivation! 
Pre-workout caffeine is a great method to improve stamina, determination, and work capacity. Whether you use a supplement form, coffee or green tea you can feel the difference in your workout! The best supplements to look for have combinations of caffeine, tyrosine, and L-phenylanine. Of course, check with your doctor first as some people shouldn't have caffeine or L-phenylanine!

Caffeine has gotten bad and good reviews. Just depends what you read most recently! Yet, there are numerous studies that support the use of coffee for fat burning , greater endurance, cardiovascular health, and reduced muscle soreness (DOMS). The Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research recently conducted a study to show how caffeine can improve motivation and work volume during weight lifting. Participants either had a caffeinated energy drink or a placebo. The caffeinated energy drink contained 179 mg of caffeine along with the cofactors, vitamin B, tyrosine, and taurine. The additional components helped combat any anxiety and/or jitters that can come with caffeine). Those who had the energy drink completed substantially more work, reported greater motivation and had a lower perceived exertion rate compared to the placebo group.

Anti-Caffeinated Workouts: Green Tea and Antioxidants 
If you prefer a less caffeinated workout choice, drink organic green tea. Green tea helps elevate fat burning in your body and doesn't cause the “crash” that many people feel with caffeine. Green Tea also has a great number of antioxidants, lowers chronic inflammation and many other health benefits. Green tea does have some caffeine and the natural chemicals to make it a stimulant, but it also helps to handle anxiety, making it a useful aid in fighting fatigue.

Three (3) Principles For Overcoming Fitness Obstacles
If you're like many, the quest to be in shape and manage weight feels overwhelming. And there's often other obstacles to overcome: health issues, time management, mustering up courage or energy. Even if you've been exercising for a long time, there's always new barriers to be broken. So, how do you put all of this into perspective? Here are 3 basic principles that will help you break-down fears and intimidations when striving to reach fitness goals.

Principle #1 Move Into The Fear. 
Q: What is your body saying to you? Train your mind to believe no mountain is too high or any goal is too difficult to attain Basically, it's all about meeting your fears and facing them head-on. In this principle, aim to recognize your fears, acknowledge them and then move through them. Ask yourself what is it that makes you uncomfortable? Have you let yourself get out of shape and are afraid you'll never get back? Do you have an injury that's caused you to be afraid of your body? Use visualization to reset your mind and eliminate the fear. See your self as you'd like to be. Your body loves you and has the potential to heal itself. Your only job is to trust it and listen. And that brings us to Principle #2.

Principle #2 Trust Your Intuition. 
It is important when overcoming obstacles and learning to break through barriers that you begin to listen to the still small voice of your body. In most cases, we all want the comfort of having someone telling us what we can and cannot do. However, our highest truth lies within us. This is not to say that the good opinion of others is not important, but ultimately the decision making comes from within. Often it is simply your instinct that will move you into a new mindset and raise your consciousness. Your instinct tells you “Don't let little things stand in your way” merely change your perspective about it. obstacles are as unique as people themselves. Therefore, it's first best to know your obstacles, then you can confront them and overcome them! Reach as high as you can within the reality of what you know you are able to do. Whether it be more sets, reps or greater endurance, allow yourself as much time as necessary to accomplish small goals. With small steps, you can quickly reach a big goal!

Principle #3 What's next?
Look to the next accomplishment find a new mountain to climb, challenges make life fun. there will be days that you'll need to stay in bed and rest or recover. Take those times when alone in thought to decide what to set your sights on next. If you need help determining your obstacles and how to overcome them, consider a coaching session with me. I can help you clarify your obstacles and create a plan to overcome them!

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Fit 194: Free Workout Video, Pre-Workout Supplements, Overcome Obstacles


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Fit 194: Free Workout Video, Pre-Workout Supplements, Overcome Obstacles Fit 194: Free Workout Video, Pre-Workout Supplements, Overcome Obstacles December 20, 2013 Rating: 5

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