Fit 087: Self-Talk, Ab Video, Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving! Do you know what foods were part of the original feast and which staples of today's celebration were not?  What better time to learn a new abdominal training exercise than a holiday weekend! Well, at least you can watch the video and do the exercise later! In motivation, do you use your inner voices to help you? Learn how!


The real Thanksgiving foods! Did you know that the original Thanksgiving feast consisted of some very healthy foods! Lots of protein, fibrous carbs and fats (in the form of nuts)! It is interesting to note that many of our Thanksgiving Day staples were not on the original menu. Potatoes and sweet potatoes were not common back then. Although the Pilgrims made pumpkin stews, they didn't make pumpkin pie! A travesty for sure!! But then they didn't have the yummy whipped topping either ;( They feasted on turkey, seafood, fruits and vegetables. All made in "healthy" ways, just like our meals! (right?)

Video of the Combo Crunch with the ball. Hit the entire abdominal area with one comprehensive exercise! When short on time, you can combine the lower ab curl and the ab crunch (with or without the stability ball) for a killer abdominal burn! This video shows you how to do this!

Self-talk is the inner voices that either help you or hurt you. How well do you listen to those voices? Learning to recognize and reinforce your personal positives is not always easy.

Here's a way to keep your glass "half full":
Make a list of 3 your best qualities. Write them on a post-it note and read it out loud daily. This is not just “positive affirmations” you have to believe in your self and your good qualities!

You become what you think about...stop and think on that for a bit. Do you put yourself down or beat yourself up? Do you pat yourself on the back for a good workout or find something negative to say? Remember, which ever perspective you choose is accompanied by a great deal of power!

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Fit 087 Self-Talk, Ab Video, Thanksgiving