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Fit 205: Motivation Tips, EBook, Overcome Training Burn Out

In this episode: Part 3 of the 4 part series on The ABCs of positive motivation, tips from the popular e-book “100 health tips” and how to get it for just $.99 and what to do about your training when you feel burnt out.

Part 3 of 4 The ABCs of MOTIVATION: Letters N thru T:

N -Never lie, cheat or steal. Always play a fair game. This applies to yourself! Your self-talk, missing workouts with a lane excuse or cheating on a nutrition program. It's easy to remember not to lie, cheat or steal from a friend, but how often do you do it to yourself? Catch yourself when you are not playing fair!

O -Open your eyes. I just learned a little principle called the horse attitude and horse sense. Apparently, horses see things in 2 ways-how they want things to be, and how they should be. It's this type of focus that makes sticking to a program manageable! Have a clear vision of how you want yourself to look as well as a clear vision of what is achievable. A friend or trainer may be better qualified to tell you what is achievable! Unrealistic expectations set you up for disappointment and failure. Be sure you know what is realistic for you to achieve before setting goals! Ex-my vision/wish: tall legs, realistic: lean muscular legs.

P -Practice makes perfect. NO, makes Permanent! Practice creates habits. You practice things everyday without even knowing it! Practice makes habits that can be either good or bad. Think about your good and bad habits. Then think about how you can “practice” to improve the bads ones!

Q -Quitters never win. And winners never quit. So, choose your fate: are you going to be a quitter? Or a winner? Trite but true! Also, If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. That's why programs with workout and nutrition plans are so popular. You follow the plan, you get results. Without a plan, you are lost and not going to get closer to any goal!

R - Ready yourself. Motivation is also about preparation. We must hear the little voice within us telling us to get started before others will get on their feet and try to push us around. Remember, it wasn't raining when Noah build the ark. Don't wait for the doctor to tell you that you have diabetes, or heart disease. Take the initiative! You know if you are not healthy or don't have healthy habits! It does catch up to you eventually! So start now before doctors or others force you to do what you should have been doing all along.

S -Stop procrastinating. This could also have been the P! Rarely does anything good come from procrastination. You know how great it feels when you get the worse done first! Let that be your motto! Once you tackle the things you'd want to procrastinate, then you feel empowered and accomplish much more than you thought possible!

T -Take control of your life. Discipline or self control are synonymous with motivation. Both are key factors in self improvement. Take responsibility for what you can do! Sure, occasionally parts of your life are not in your control. Before you think that, be sure to evaluate if you are just making excuses. Is it really out of your control? Ex-eating, making good choices, better bad choices and exercise-missing workouts.


Tips from the popular e-book “100 Health Tips!” See below how you can get it for just $.99. All ready made website sell ebook 100 health tips for $.99 here's a few of what you'll find:

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We've all had it happen: You just don't feel like going to the gym, you're tired, unfocused, maybe bored. You may have been going through an intense program and just feel burnt out!

How do you overcome the feelings of wanting to sit on the couch with snacks and watch tv instead of spending some time at the gym? Here's a couple of ways to eliminate the “burn out blahs!” Listen to older episodes of Fit Girl Podcast! You may be inspired by the motivation segment, or learn a new training method to try.

Mix it up! 
  1. Take an exercise class or use a dvd workout: Sometimes you just don't want to have to think! Following an instructor in a group exercise program can get you the variety of exercise you need without the boredom or burn out.
  2. Work with a trainer: learn new exercises. Give yourself a month to focus on the form (ie use light weight) and then have the trainer check that you have learned the proper form of the new exercises. You could have the trainer incorporate those new exercises into a program for you.
  3. #2 is similar to using ClubFit. You workouts are pre-determined. You gain access to them when it is time to change them, so the overwhelm or decision making is not on your head! Just follow and do.
  4. Focus on a different type of exercise. Maybe a beginner yoga class or dvd or pilates or any type of exercise that is new to you. It'll take a few weeks to a month to master and you'll be back on track!
  5. Take it outdoors! You've heard this before! Take a walk, use a park for dips, pullups or lunges, play tennis or basketball. Basically, stay active, take a break but tell yourself you'll be back in the gym/weight training after 2-3 weeks (pick a date!).

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Fit 205: Motivation Tips, EBook, Overcome Training Burn Out.

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Fit 205: Motivation Tips, EBook, Overcome Training Burn Out Fit 205: Motivation Tips, EBook, Overcome Training Burn Out May 12, 2014 Rating: 5

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