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Fit 209: Lean Abs, Vitamin B for Fat Burning and Patience

In this episode:
How to get lean abs before summer! Vitamin B and fat burning! Patience, do you have any?

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Ways To Lose Fat and Reveal Your Abs!  Can you lose body fat and reveal your abs by doing specific workout? Yes, and No.  When it comes to burning fat, doing sets of sit-ups, leg lifts and other abdominal exercises are a waste of time. Sure, you want muscle there and you should do abdominal exercises, but you definitely don't need to do as much as you think!

I still see people spending 20-30 mintues on ab training daily and never see a change in their body! Listen up! If you really want to change the look of your body, especially if you want to see your abs, then you should focus on full body weight training and sprints.

You've heard me talk about this before, but have you changed your workout ways?

Multi-joint training burns more calories, increases your metabolism longer and is the way to get hard, cut abs. If you want to see your abs by summer time, start doing a total body training program combined with a sprint program! More intensity, less cardio and less time! Your midsection will thank you!

Not convinced? Need proof? Here we go!

A study from 2011 showed that six weeks of abdominal training produced no loss of body fat, despite participants spending 4 hours a week doing crunches, bicycles, and sit-ups.

Now, we know that training with heavy, multi-joint exercises such as squats and deadlifts will build the abs. So it's obvious that another group of athletes who trained squats and deadlifts had much greater muscle development throughout the oblique abdominals than a control group.

Secret to faster fat loss:  In addition to multi-joint exercises, do high-intensity sprints a few days a week. A few, meaning 2-3 times a week. More than that can be counterproductive!

Ditch the repetitive 15-minute sit-up and crazy roman chair routine for 15 to 30 minutes of sprint training. Here's some example programs to use:

  • The 30-20-10 model in which you jog/fast walk/bike for 30 seconds, run at a moderate intensity for 20 seconds, and sprint for 10 second. Repeat for a 5-minute interval. Do four sets with 2 minutes rest in between. 

  • Think you're in good shape? Great! Try this: 1 to 1 interval-to-rest program.  Do four x 4-minute intervals of 30-second sprints and 30-second jogging recovery. 

  • Heart rate recovery intervals: Do ten sprints of 15 seconds, increasing to fifteen sprints of 30 seconds. Base recovery off of heart rate—once it returns to 120 beats per minute, do the next sprint. • Do ten 30-second all-out sprints with 90 seconds rest. 



Facilitate fat burning by being sure you have an adequate supply of the B vitamins.  There are certainly many fat-burning nutrients I could recommend, none of them would work as efficiently and be as beneficial for results if you don’t get enough B vitamins.

What do B-Vitamins do for you? B vitamins are necessary to detoxify environmental toxins and excess hormones, such as estrogen. Many fitness conscious folks who eat a high protein-diet and/or take extra BCAAs increase their demand for B vitamins.  This increase actually detracts from the vitamin needed for detox. This can slow down or even limit your weight loss!

Let's talk about a few of the most important the B vitamins.
Vitamin B6 
  • Needed for proper protein metabolism
  • Helps the use of muscle glycogen for energy (critical for athletes)
  • Enhances the detoxification of hormones, such as cortisol.
Vitamin B9
  • Folic Acid or Vitamin B9 is a trouble spot for a large majority of the population which is unable to process folic acid effectively. 
  • Remedy the intolerance problem by using the methylated form of folic acid.
  • Low Vitamin B9 can cause inadequate detoxification 
  • Low Vitamin B9 can cause high levels of homocysteine, which put you at risk for cardiovascular disease.
Vitamin B6, B9 and B12
The main three B-Vitamins are B6, B12, and B9. These can enable the removal of estrogen through a path that is less likely to cause cancer. This helps with fat loss because the effective removal of estrogen will help combat higher estrogen levels which correspond to higher body fat.

Super Size Other Nutrients and Vitamins
Research shows us that when you have adequate B vitamins, other nutrients such as green tea, magnesium, and alpha lipoic acid are much more effective for fat loss.  Thanks to the B Vitamins laying the foundation for detox first.

Start with a well rounded B complex supplement. Be sure that it includes a methylated B9 for best
results.  Remember, everything works better when you have your B vitamins!

MOTIVATION you have any?
We all want our results from workouts to show immediately! Yet, we all know that doesn't happen. Even if you wait one week, you still are impatient with the slow results! Can you improve or even learn patience? Yes you can!

It takes time and effort to develop and sharpen your patience. Like anything else worthwhile, patience takes discipline, practice and time!  They say patience is a virtue. This is true – but this comment makes you think patience is a quality that only a few chosen people have. In fact, patience is can be learned over time even if you don’t do begin well at first.  With some thoughtful effort, you can learn to be patient and to amused over situations that may have recently annoyed you!

Begin with YOU!
You have to learn to have patience with yourself. Do not blame yourself for everything that goes wrong!  Show tolerance – without falling into the trap of self-content. Give yourself a break, but within reason.

Generally, try not to think about tomorrow and don’t let yourself become overwhelmed with perspective problems. Focus only on immediate problems, because if you do otherwise you will only worry a lot more and you will get upset easier. A lower stress level will definitely inflict more patience on your side.

Determine what is it you are expecting of your workouts, your nutrition, your efforts!  Then find the ways you can rise up to your expectations. Restrain from blame.  Realistic goals and deadlines make your expectations livable! Remember, you can always adjust and make changes to your plan. Patience is what will determine if you succeed or not!

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Fit 209: Lean Abs, Vitamin B for Fat Burning and Patience Fit 209: Lean Abs, Vitamin B for Fat Burning and Patience June 23, 2014 Rating: 5

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