Fit 029 Fernando Salas Interview

This interview is with Max Muscle rep, Fernando Salas. Max Muscle stores are expanding and popping up everywhere. Check for locations! They have their own line of products, including protein powders, pre and post workout drinks and weight loss supplements. Fernando explains how the pre-workout drink Full Blown Extreme can help all exercisers get better workouts and recovery!

He also talks about the product called “Femme”. This is a weight loss pill for women exclusive to Max Muscle, that helps suppress appetite and facilitate weight loss. This interview has great info on products and details on the ingredients!

Fernando Salas is also a Realtor in the Tampa, FL area if anyone is looking to relocate!

Link to episode Fit 029 Fernando Salas of Max Muscle
Fit 029 Fernando Salas Interview Fit 029 Fernando Salas Interview June 09, 2008 Rating: 5

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