Fit 030 Susan Laney of Les Mills

I had the pleasure to speak with Presenter Susan Laney. Susan works with Les Mills and was the presenter for the Bodyvive class. If you are not familiar with Les Mills, here's a little background info.

Les Mills is a system of pre-choreographed exercise routines that are released every three months. A gym has to have a licensing type of agreement with Les Mills in order to offer any of their classes of Body Pump, Bodyvive, Bodyjam, and others. All instructors go though a rigorous training and testing series before they can be approved to instruct these classes. Les Mills International is the in clubs in over 70 countries and expanding quickly in the US. For more info go to and

The Bodyvive class is a the low-impact workout using basic moves for choreography and uses the VIVE™ balls (which are like thePilates 9-Inch Mini Ball),VIVE™ tubes (which are special SPRI Xertubing with light resistance) and sometimes hand weights. This is a great workout for heart fitness, strength, stability, and stretch!

Susan did a fantastic job of teaching the Bodyvive concepts and showing the variations that can be done to make it a class that anyone can do! If she ever does DVDs, get them! She even suggested that the diehards who like to do exercise every day, can use this class on a day of active rest. She said the majority of the exercisers are active adults in their 40s, 50s and 60s, but with the variety of options, a lot of older and younger participants are joining the classes.

Here's the link to episode 30: Fit 030 Susan Laney Interview
Thanks again to Susan for taking time to talk with me!