Fit 031 XS Energy/ Nutrilife

I spoke with Chase McElroy and his Dallas, TX based group that were at the SCW convention to promote a line of nutritional drinks, bars and supplements. Chase was very informative about the products and what type of person would benefit from each of the various items. XS Energy drink and Nutrilife products were all sampled by my assistant Kristin, who enjoyed all of them! Of course I was too busy interviewing to eat, so one of us had to do the work!

Nutrilife is also part of Amway Global. The 50- year anniversary of Amway Global is coming up and the gang was also letting people know about the opportunities available and the billions of dollars that Amway has paid out to its distributors over the years.

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Here's the interview: Link to Fit 031 XS Energy Drink/Nutrilife
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Fit 031 XS Energy/ Nutrilife Fit 031 XS Energy/ Nutrilife June 13, 2008 Rating: 5

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