Fit 032 Marietta Mehanni Interview

Marietta Mehanni is one talented and impressive lady! We actually spoke twice, at length at the Sara City Workout Convention in Orlando! In this interview, Marietta shares with me how she got started in fitness. She was an overweight teenager and got started with group fitness because of it. See, all fitness queens (and she is one!) were not born fit!

We talked about the fitness trends in Australia (her native country) and the USA. Les Mills ( and, is very popular in Australia and Marietta explains why. However, Marietta prefers to teach "freestyle" which is her own choreography. She teaches over 20 classes at 12 different facilities! As you can tell her workout consists of her classes! She teaches almost everything from Aqua to Stability Ball!

Marietta is also deeply committed to teaching other instructors. She even does much of it in her spare time! She is working on dvds that will be for instructors to help them be better trained so that they can spread the fitness bug to many others!

A woman of many talents, Marietta will be presenting in Canada and at ECA in Miami this year. She also represents a music company, The Music & Motion Studio in Australia. She was such a joy to talk with and so open and friendly! I know you will enjoy this interview!

Here's the interview: Link to Fit 032 Marietta Mehanni Interview
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Fit 032 Marietta Mehanni Interview Fit 032 Marietta Mehanni Interview June 17, 2008 Rating: 5

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