Fit 033: The American Boot Camp Company

The American Boot Camp Company was at the Sara City Workout Convention in Orlando, early June. Founder, Mari Garner spoke with me at length about the The American Boot Camp Company concept. The company provides business and marketing support, as well as boot camp start up and even workouts for licensees. Many trainers are great at the training aspect but not so comfortable with the business side of marketing, permits and other technicalities. The Boot Camp Company provides a clear cut plan to get their licensees the most from their business, and at a very reasonable price!

Based out of Atlanta, Georgia, this company has seen the pitfalls of other so-called "Boot Camp" programs. Their system makes a big difference in the success and public appeal of a legitimate boot camp. The workouts can be geared toward all levels. I took the workout at the Sara City Workout Convention and can tell you it was fun but very challenging! I can see how people could get hooked on this "outdoor fitness" concept! It's like recess all over again!

The website for the The Boot Camp Company is, check it out! This is some info from the website:

"Whether you are currently operating a boot camp type program or want to get started, The American Boot Camp Company can help. We provide:
  • A proven fitness program and business model that generates a return on investment quickly
  • A state of the art website, online registration and administrative tool to aid in customer service
  • A nationally accredited Outdoor Fitness Certification
  • An intense 2 day training session at The American Boot Camp Company Training Institute in Atlanta
  • Top notch support – consider us your business consultants with your profitability in mind
  • Exclusive territory"
Mari was very detailed in this interview and gave me a lot of great information on the Boot Camp Business! It is quite an impressive system! I know you will find this both interesting and a great business opportunity! If you have ever thought about running an outdoor fitness program or "Boot Camp" program, then you must listen to this podcast interview. For more info contact Founder, Mari Garner at The American Boot Camp Company!

Here's the interview: Link to Fit 033 Boot Camp Company Interview
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Fit 033: The American Boot Camp Company Fit 033: The American Boot Camp Company June 24, 2008 Rating: 5

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