Fit 037 The Diet Cycle

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This is the last of the quickies! A reminder of why we do what we break the diet cycle! This would be good audio to send to a friend struggling with weight loss and frustrated with diets.

The diet cycle can be a horrid roller coaster of emotional frustration and defeat! It is part of why we get so down on ourselves and use negative self-talk. Diets don't work! They only set you up for failure!

Everyone thinks they have the weight loss answer, in the form of a diet, a certain piece of equipment (gotta love those infomercials!) or a pill. If it was just that easy! Well, it kind of is that easy, or at least not as torturous as most people make weight loss or getting in shape. Common sense will tell you what is right and wrong. You know when you are cheating (with food) or coasting (through your workout), its just hard to admit it sometimes!

Let this episode be a refresher of the importance of weight training, healthy eating and consistency in both when it comes to getting in shape and feeling great!

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