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Does it seem like life keeps getting in the way of your exercise plan? The best way to take control is to have a plan- for exercise, nutrition and what to do if something throws off your schedule!

It is important to have an "emergency" back up plan for your exercise program and food intake. If your time at the gym is limited, then know which exercises you are going to do to get the most out of your time. Large muscle exercises- squat, row, lunge, pull-ups, pushups will give you the most muscle work in the least amount of time. Use supersets, do cardio at another time or skip it! For permanent weight loss, strength/resistance training is more important than cardio.

No gym? No equipment? No Problem! Do isometric workouts or use the Xertube Resistance Band! You still want to do the exercises that work the most muscles, like squats, pushups etc and work the negative (lowering portion) of the move and focus on feeling as many muscles as you can.

Get back on your original plan asap! Do not re-write your plan because of a disruption in your schedule. Just get right back on it and go! The same rules apply for your eating habits-plan, back up plan and get right on track asap!

Remember, adapting is a fact of life! A little is better than none, so maximize the time you have! Give your exercise and eating an honest effort and you will see results! If you are going thru the motions then you need to reassess your goals and priorities!

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  1. I recently discovered your podcast, its been wonderful to listen to.

    Thank you :)

  2. I recently discovered your podcast. It has been wonderful listening to your workouts.

    Thank you


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