Fit 039 Eat for fat loss

I haven't gone over nutrition lately, so here we go!
I've packed this episode with a load of info for you!

Most people don't realize that you can lose weight:
  • without suffering
  • while eating alot of food
  • eating frequently
  • eating before you are hungry
  • eating yummy foods
The structure of your meals is important for maintaining blood sugar levels which helps you drop fat! Why are blood sugar levels important? Because, when left out of control, they can cause
  • diabetes
  • heart problems
  • stress on the organs
  • adrenaline increases
all of which will cause your body to store fat, let alone the other health risks!

You'll learn how to combine foods for maintaining healthy blood sugar levels and facilitating fat loss! Combining protein, carbs and fats in each meal does the trick! I'll give you an example of how to determine calories and percentages for your diet.

A good starting point for dividing your calories is
  • 15-25% fat
  • 25-35% protein
  • 40-55% carbs
That is not a typo! You should have carbs in your meal plan! Carbs come in 2 types: starchy and fibrous and I explain the differences and value of each! To help you with your caloric intake calculations, you can use the Body Fat Calculator link.

I review and tell you how to use the Weight Trackers Menu plan, which has been very successful at helping clients lose fat weight! just check the Fitness Makeover Results page for the proof!

A week of the Weight Trackers Menu plan can be downloaded DVD Store

You'll find plenty of choices with this menu plan! There are many ways to make "healthy" food taste great, such as:
marinate with low-fat salad dressing
  • use spices like basil and oregano
  • sautee with Pam and add garlic or onions
  • steam veggies for the full flavor!

  • I'll tell you when to expect results such as weight on the scale and measurements changing, so you can keep track and know when to expect results! Of course, the best way to track your progress is with a food/exercise log. Remember, this can be a simple notebook where you write it all down!

    The Fitnessmakeover Kit covers all of this in detail! This podcast and my others should give you a full understanding of how to use nutrition for fat loss. You need to eat to lose fat!

    Take the Fitness Survey and let me know if you workout at a gym, home or both. If you have already done the survey, then email me or write it in the blog comments. Thanks!

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    1. Kira
      Thanks for a great podcast, I really enjoyed this one and it tied a lot together for me.
      Thanks again!

    2. It's nice to hear someone talking smart about losing weight ;)

      Yes, carbs are not bad! Thank you!!


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