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Sex, Yoga and Your questions answered! Learn the answers and a few announcements too!

First, is my question. Why are most of the top health & fitness podcasts related to sex and/or yoga. I can understand yoga as part of health, but sex? Can someone explain that, the podcast relation part, please don't explain sex. Is it a ratings thing, or sex doesn't have its own category? This is just one of those "Say what?" or "Huh?" kinda things that I think about when at the iTunes store.

Excuse my ramble. Now back to business!

The questions for this episode:
"I have arthritis, is exercise good for me?"
" Are artificial sweeteners good or bad?"
" I think I should lose the weight first then tone, is that right?"

Here's some insight into the answers.
  • Yes, exercise can be good for arthritis suffers. Muscle strength helps to support the joints and can ease some arthritis pains. I give some recommendations on what equipment to use and focus exercises.
  • Sweeteners are not all bad, it's how you use them! Too much of any good thing can be bad for you. Are sweeteners causing you to overeat? Are they masking what your taste buds really want? What other things do you need to know about artificial sweeteners?
  • Lose weight and then tone? WRONG. Why take twice as long to reach your goals? "All In One" type training drops the inches and tightens your muscles at the same time! Learn how to you can use "All In One" type training in your next workout!
Announcements: The NEW All In One Workout is almost ready to go live! Probably this week! Some of the changes include: video previews, success stories, articles, easy to navigate and "coming soon" iPod and mp3 workouts, workout rotations and a few more things!

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More Q & A podcasts to come! If you have questions to submit, email me at
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  1. I don't understand myself why the yoga and sex for teens are so popular. I really wish there was more on nutrition and fitness over sex and yoga.


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