Fit 051 Plateau Busters Part 2

Plateau Busters Part 1 covered how to use exercise to overcome plateaus. In Part 2, mindset is the focus. Your goals can change, and you need to re-evaluate them, revise them and be realistic about your goals and the steps you can take to reach them. When dealing with a plateau problem, define your goal. Break it down and give yourself a range to achieve from minimal to optimal. Recognize even your little successes! A little is better than none! Still feel like you are in a rut even after redoing your goals? Try these mind tricks to get out of your rut.

  • Help some one else get healthy. Be a role model, share your knowledge, and motivate yourself by motivating others.
  • Erase negative self-talk with positives.
  • Use the mind muscle connection as a success or a goal to achieve.
  • Remember this saying, “A successful person does what an unsuccessful person is not willing to do.”

  • A few quick announcements:
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