Fit 052 Plateau Busters Part 3

Could your plateau be from your nutrition?
Should you diet harder or eat less? NO!!!
That causes your body to go into the Starvation adaptation response, click here to learn more about how dieting makes you fat!

Your body is stubborn when it comes to letting go of fat stores. The least fatty areas of your body are usually the first to lean out. You need to know how to trick and teach it to let go of fat!

Make your body your friend by feeding it. Schedule your meals, or food intake, for every 3-6 hours. Plan your meals and plan variety into your meals. Hunger does not indicate the need for food. Your body needs fuel on a consistent basis. Keep a food log. Have you heard that before? This is a great way to analyze your true eating habits! Make good choices especially when in a plateau or rut. You don’t have to be perfect forever, just get over the hump!

Alcohol can cause you to lose fat slower. I explain why in the podcast. Cut it out for 1-2 weeks and see the difference. You can include alcohol (in moderation of course) in your diet, but you will not lose weight as fast.

Is it really a plateau?
Do you really have a plateau or are you actually on target to your goal, but using the wrong tools? The scale can make it seem like you are stuck, but measurements tell the truth. A small weight change, like one pound can equal 2 inches off your body. That’s not a plateau! Are your expectations for weight loss out of whack thanks to the media? Read the fine print, “Results not typical” is on most weight loss products ads! It is not realistic to drop 14 lbs every week, like you may see on theBiggest Loser tv show. And even the Biggest Loser contestants hit plateaus! Remember, slower weight loss means more permanent weight loss.

By using the information in all these podcasts as tools, you can be your own personal trainer! Nothing comes easy for anyone, especially when it comes to getting in shape or staying in shape. Fitness is a life long process, you have to work at it. You can strive to improve yourself, your mind and body on an ongoing basis. That’s what makes life interesting!

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