Fit 056 Calories & More

Some great questions were sent to me and I am doing to share some answers with you and more!
  • Question #1: Should you "do 2 or more weeks of cardio before hitting weights when your body fat composition is on the higher end?" The answer is in the podcast!

  • Question #2: What are the right combinations to eat?
  • You'll learn how to determine a caloric starting point and percentages of calories from protein, carbs and fat.

  • Question #3: Is sugar ok? What about fruits?

  • Question #4: What about packaged foods like Lean Cuisine or Smart ones and instant oatmeal?

  • Question #5: Can you splurge or eat out and how do you handle that?

Did you know during the holidays people gain an average of 8 pounds?
Don't let that be you!

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