Fit 060 Time Saver Workouts

Workouts, nutrition and motivation, all in one podcast!

Feature segment: Workouts: Time saving workouts.
Sample workout plans you can do that maximize gym time while getting great results! These “timesaver workouts” are also on the site. Doing a full body 2-3 x a week and sample workouts, rep schemes and exercise options are detailed at Podcast Notes on the FitnessMakeover site.

Time Saving Tips:
  • In the gym, you need to know your options and be able to adapt if someone takes the machine you were using...don't stress, find something else quickly!
  • At home or in the gym, use your timer or Sports watch such as the IRONMAN Watch by Timex for either rest periods or instead of counting or both. It makes a huge difference in time saving!
  • Always have a plan and options!

  • Nutrition
    Share your recipes at the Fitness Forum !
    Take the fitness many workouts did you get in January? Voting ends March 16, 2009.

    Motivation & Mindset
    Don't fear the future! Stay on track with knowledge! Whether at the gym, a restaurant or friend's house, fitness knowledge will keep you on track!

    Here's the link to the show Fit 060 Time Saver Workouts & More!

    Fitness Forum!

    Join me and other like-minded exercisers for discussions, check-ins and the weekly fitness challenge! Find the new Fitness Forum at and make sure to bookmark it too! New Sections! Recipe exchange, and Fitness Survey, check it out!
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